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Watercolor painting

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paiting by:
Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay 

When I was in the primary school and we had Water color in class now I understand why we did. It is just one of the many types of painting, the real requirement for water painting is letting your imaginations run wild and the other requirement is that it be done on paper. And that it has mostly water colors to be used. Really, just about anything or everything can be used in water color paintings. Remember one can use glitter, beads anything that you can throw at the painting and have it stick is okay.

You can purchase a lot of water color books inspiration and they will guide you on a step by step journey into painting. When it comes to using your imagination, the sky is your limit, it depends on what elements that you are striving for in your painting such as the use of a collage of elements like using various stamps, or the use of sand, like the Indians use, or maybe using plant materials, or fabric or any other types of materials, all of this is okay.  With all of this being said, one still must use good techniques to make the painting appealing. To make a good painting one should make use of good colors and to compose a good quality theme. When a poorly composed painting is at hand then there is not much use in adding any other media into it for it will not enhance the paining. Remember, poor color choices are still very obvious and truly unappealing. One can have no substitution for good water color techniques.

Water color paintings have evolved over the years to where one has more freedoms to create their paintings without the previous boundaries’ that were once in place to stifle their creativity.

If you wish to create works in the various different types of water color media we have just read in this broad classification, written here on this page, you can start by viewing works that is in acrylic, gouache, transparent watercolor, tempera, and of the any other water based paint formats. This information that is presented here is to enlighten and aid the new people who wish to become water color artist.

So by getting Watercolor painting books that have all the information in detail that is regarding to the technical points that have included in it a  by step by step guide for those who are just starting out and the professional artists. A lot of the professional painters like to refer to watercolor painting books because it helps to improve their skills, as an artist, and helps them to be more creative as they create their own masterpieces. Naturally, you can also go to online sites to receive a lot more information and detailed techniques that you can purchase while there online. I hope you have gained some watercolor painting book techniques that will help you.

I wish you all the best for a joyous and happy painting career as new found artists.


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