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T4E – Furnace/Winter Tune Up Part 1 (Preventative Maintenance) – Self Help and 850722425037646 UA-121067147-6 DesktopLightning - Click Here For Free Traffic [evp_embed_video url=""] Buy Now
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T4E – Furnace/Winter Tune Up Part 1 (Preventative Maintenance)

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Howdy again. This is Dave Yantz with the Heating and Refrigeration application. At present, we’re going to go through the steps that a carrier manufacturer would go by means of this time of the yr after they come out to your condo to do an iciness tune-up. And we’ll do it on this Lennox. That is the brought about draft. And mainly a tech can be carrying a device bag, about like this with diverse hand tools in there that they are able to do everything they must do. The fact is, I’ll generally handiest use two or three of these instruments to do this whole job in these days.

So we’ll set this bag off to the aspect. And the very first thing we’re going to do is, we will take the door off. And also you carry up and pull out at the bottom and the door comes off. And on the within of the door mostly are a wiring schematic must you ever need it. Now, we will take the backside door off. Again, we’re going to elevate up and pull out. And the door comes off. An important thing to notice here is on the entrance of this door, this label is called the diagnostic chart.

Repeatedly it’s on the throughout the door. Here is the wiring diagram I informed you about just a 2d ago. But when we come again to here, this diagnostic chart will inform you there’s a gentle on the circuit board; these two lights right here which are flashing now. If there’s a drawback with the furnace, they will flash a code. And if you happen to look on the code right here it should let you know roughly what the problem is. So this fairly helps the tech troubleshoot speedily. The door right here is in order that the tech can appear in through the door and spot the lights and recognize what the code is earlier than he takes the door off. So we will take the door off and put it over here. Very first thing I’m going to do is unhook the 120 volts electrical power going to the furnace seeing that once I get into this compartment, there can be quite a few reside electrical connections and we want to make it risk-free to work in here.

The 2 instruments I’m going to use to participate in this are called nut drivers. There are two of them. One is a pink handled nut driver, and it’s a quarter-inch screw. The yellow handle is the five-sixteenths, and it matches a 5 sixteenths screw. On all furnaces and air conditioners, all of the screws are either quarter-inch or 5 sixteenths. So these two instruments alone will do almost everything. So the very first thing I need to do is I need to take this board out of the way when you consider that I want to pull this motor out. And up underneath listed below are two screws that keep this bracket in location. So I’m going to take the quarter inch nut driver and unloosen that screw.

We do not want to take it the entire means out. And on this side we will be able to unloosen the screw over right here. And now, with the aid of sliding this plate ahead, it will unhinge off of those screws. The holes are better right here and smaller right here. So, when the screw goes in, we slide it up and then tighten the screw that holds this in. This can be a circuit board and transformer. So we’re simply going to maneuver all of this over right here to the side of the furnace. Lay it down. This is the squirrel-cage blower motor. There are two screws that hold this in. And in this case, we’ll take our 5 sixteenths nut driver. They’re located correct up here at the bottom. So, we’ll reach in here; unscrew the primary screw. And I’ll lay it up here on the shelf so I don’t lose it.

And then there is a screw on the opposite facet. Reach up right here and unscrew it. And I’ll position it up here. Now, I’m able to drag that whole meeting out. So, I grasp it and I just slide it back. It is going to drop down. Watch your wires. Maintain your wires out of the best way You slide the housing again and also you simply, very gently, pull, and the entire squirrel cage housing comes out of the furnace.

This is the–we call the squirrel cage because it goes round and round. And there is a door there. And that is what strikes air up via the furnace and then to your condominium when you are heating. And in the summertime this equal motor will be pushing air up to to maneuver the cool air for air-con. So, this motor pulls double responsibility. What we need to do is we need to investigate these veins and be certain they’re clean. If they’re not smooth, then we would take this assembly apart, take it out, and wash it. This one is smooth by means of looking at it. We flip around to this part of the place you will see the motor. And what we normally are doing right here–we’re watching. We want to smooth these slots right here. This is how the air gets in to cool the motor. And since it’s within the return air, it’s going to get dirty. So, we wish to wipe this off make sure the filth out of here in order that the air can get in and funky the motor.

We also want to seem at the finish cap here to look if there’s a port where we will oil the bearing within the motor. This one does not have the ports. So, that tells us this can be a sealed bearing. It’s permanently lubricated, and we don’t have got to do whatever to it. So, we are able to turn it again around. We’re smooth. We can put it again in. When we put it in, these two rails slide up in there on two guides.

This flange catches in the back, and that’s what holds this whole assembly in there. After which the two screws we took out, go via these holes right right here and screw up into the housing. So, once again I’ll put this again within the furnace. And watch my wires. When I get it in there, i will be able to seem in right here and see the publications. And I tip the front of the motor up and just push up and in. Once more, observing your wiring. Like that. The motor has slid in and people three flanges have all caught.

We take our 5/sixteen screw. And most of that is finished by means of just contact and consider. It is kinda difficult to get in there and see something, but that you would be able to attain up in there and suppose the gap. To screw by way of hand. And then while you get the screw started, you set your 5/16 nut driver on there. And also you tighten the screw up. We clutch the second screw. Attain up in right here. In finding the hole. Begin to screw. And when you’re putting a screw in– if you flip it to the correct, that tightens it.

So, we put our wrench on it now. And tighten it. And we’ve got a saying in an alternate. Righty tighty; lefty loosey. Ok. Motor’s hooked up. Now we put our circuit board back in. So, we kinda bring it around. Work the wires to where they lay freely. We’ll– the screws are still in there. We’re going to line them up with the holes. That one’s in. That one’s in. Now, I will take my 5/16 nut driver and tighten those two screws. Okay. Now, we obtained that performed. We simply kinda push our wires back in here. This circuit board controls the complete operation of the furnace and air conditioner. We’re going to leave the door off for now. We will transfer as much as the higher a part of the furnace. And that is an inducer motor. And there’s a hole here that runs from the motor to a strain swap. We want to take that hose off. And it is going to come to be plugged up with water and condensation, rust, dirt.

Things like that. So, we simply blow by way of the hose to ensure it’s smooth. If it’s now not, then we take a piece of wire; run it via there to wash it. Then we put the hose back on the stress change. And back on the inducer motor. Like that. This furnace is really new. The burners are easy. The entire wiring looks good. We perpetually wish to check for wiring that might be pinched or cut; unfastened ends. Come down right here again to the backside. And just check to ensure the entire wiring connections are secure. And once more we unplugged the electricity so it’s dependable to contact all of this. K. Now that now we have checked all that, we’ve got essentially completed all of the principal things to investigate– which is what we call preventative renovation to be certain that the furnace will have to work for the duration of the illness without any problems. So, the next thing we need to do is experiment it; be certain it’s working.

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