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Stucco verses Hardie plank or Smart Siding?

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Your home, What do you wish for to protect your home?

Maybe today your smart siding or Hardie board is ok. But why would you want to use either one of them? Today with all of the plastic j-channels and other plastic beadings, you can run circles around any type of siding. Why, because when you stucco a house you can make almost any design that you like on a wall. Then you can seal it to keep the water out of your house. Now you can make it look like the ocean if you wish too. You can use the beads and make your house very unique, but try not and go overboard because you may wish to sell the house and move on to another location. On top of everything else, you can mix and match colors galore to make your house look perfect with the stucco. Just remember to use the plastic beads because they will not rust and make stains on your beautiful home. Tip: There will be NO NAILS to pop lose by using the stucco for your siding on your house versus the other products all use a nailing system or screws to fasten it to your house. So, in conclusion, I vote for the stucco! Gil Gray HD


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