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Self-help to clean your own furnace duct work.

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DIY home air duct cleaning instructions, on how to clean air ducts yourself.

Cleaning your air ducts can improve the air quality in your home and reduce dust build up. While learning how to clean your air ducts yourself is easy and it can save the expense of professional cleaning. NOTE; A word of caution here, be sure to not damage the air ducts because some of them are made of a spiral wire with plastic enclosing them. these are usually used to supply the air from the feeds from the main air duct system, they use these because it cost less when they are installing the system when your house is being built. If you see this type of ductwork then I would strongly suggest that you hire a professional duct cleaner to clean your ducts. Also keep in mind that they have much stronger vacuums to extract the dust and other particles from the ductwork, too.

Now that we have that so what covered you can buy cleaning kits from Amazon, walmart, and ebay to mention a few suppliers. After you have your kit then you can start cleaning the ducts. You will need a strong shop vac with a long flexiable hose, gloves,screwdrivers, clean rags and an antibacterial cleaner.

To get started, remove the registers from the ducts and have someone start washing and cleaning them. Then start vacuuming out the ducts, this is where the long flexible hose comes into play. When you get that done if necessary you can wipe down the inside of the ducts with the rags that you have. If you need to use the antibacterial cleaner be sure to remove the residual cleaner and dry the inside of the ducts again. Now you can replace all of your furnace filters with the best filters that you can afford at this time. Now you can replace the registers back onto the ducts and now you have a very clean duct in your home. This should help anyone in your home who has allergies to dust, pet hair, and etc. Note; If you have any odors coming from your ducts the byall means place some boxes of baking soda in them but they will not last to long so put them as to where you can reach them and replace them. One other thought here is to get some good charcoal filters and place them in where your filters go and this too will help with any odors that you may have.

I hope that this post helps you to have cleaner ducts for you and oyur family to have better health.



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