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Is home owners insurance effective if the home owner lives elsewhere?

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So much paperwork on and investment property.

Let me see, NO. It will not be in effect at all, why you say? The key word is “home” here. You must live in the home in order to get the insurance company to pay for something that happens. If you do not live in the or on the property then they have a commercial insurance policy that will cover things and protect you if something happens, like when your tenant gets a mad dog and it bites someone, usually, renters will not have this kind of insurance. There is another reason why homeowners insurance will not cover things too. Simply when you get a commercial insurance policy you are in effect telling the bank that you are not living on the property and you are renting it out as an investor so this insurance policy will cover the bank too. Remember if you live on the property it is personal, but when you rent it out it becomes an investment property and needs a different insurance policy. Gil Gray HD


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