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Choosing extra Storage Space

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When you own a house, there will be a point when you will need extra storage space will become apparent.  When this becomes apparent, the most common solution is to buy a storage shed. There are many styles and options available, but I caution you to take the time to review these 5 key steps that will let you make a smarter decision on which one that you really need.

1.            What will be the function of the shed? In most cases, extra storage space will be the key requirement, so you need to figure out how much space will be needed. A small 4’x 8’ lean-to style  of shed should provide sufficient space for small tools, but if you have larger items they will require more space. I would recommend choosing the largest size that you can afford, that will still blend in with your landscape and kind of blend in with your house and landscaping too. Remember, most municipalities will require a building permit for any building over 10’x10’ or 100 sq. ft.

2.            Will you be using the shed on a daily basis? If so, you will want to make sure that you choose a style and that gives you good easy access and has adequate lighting as well. Windows and skylights will provide plenty of natural light, but most people run electricity to the shed. For easy access, make sure that you make the doors at least 36″ wide, as most lawn equipment will easily go through it.

3.            The looks of the finished shed is very important as to how the shed will look on the property. Remembering that anything you build will either add to or detract on your properties value. A Metal or vinyl sheds are the least costly options, but they tend to look ordinary or common. Wood and pre-finished sidings will add character and value, but are more expensive to build.

4.            What Is the grade and accessibility of the location of the shed? A level site is the most desirable starting point for the sheds construction. The more the ground slopes the more work that needs to be done in order to get the shed level. This is where a lot of planning needs to be done, what type of a floor do you want in your shed?  If there is a lot of fall to the ground where you want to build the shed then I would suggest building a pole type of shed, this will allow you to kind of overlook the ground for you will install post in at least on the four corners of the shed and build from there.  In areas where you are faced with frost upheaval or poor drainage, I would recommend a wood floor system, remember to use pressure treated wood in this situation, and you can use pier blocks to rest the floor on or dig deeper into the soil and pour a concrete post and footing to try and get below the frost line. Then you can build the floor on top of these blocks. If the ground does not slope too much you can go the expensive way and dig out the ground and place gravel on it and pour a concrete footing and floor, this is the best but cost a lot more money.

5.            I hope that you are really in good with your neighbors, for you need to remember they will be looking at what you have built and can make your life pure hell if they don’t like it so talk it over with them before you start building and ask them for their opinion first okay? You can thank me later for this one. Just be considerate of your neighbors! Don’t put up something that looks like it belongs in a junkyard beside your neighbor’s manicured backyard. Now before you start building and you may need a building permit you may find that you will have to build the shed about 5 feet from the property line, so just make sure to check this out before you start building so as to avoid any aggravation. Talk to your neighbors about your intentions for most of the time they will appreciate you for asking them and will become very supportive of your project. If you do your research on the internet it is an excellent source of information on the hundreds of suppliers and styles of sheds available to you. I do not recommend ordering a shed on line because you need to use local suppliers for the supplies that you will need and they will be most helpful to you in the long run when any problem arises. You can also find companies locally they sometimes have prebuilt sheds for you to buy so do your research okay? A lot of the local companies offer either pre-cut or pre-fabricated kits delivered to your residence. If choosing a fully installed product, deal with a local company with a fixed location. Buying a storage shed is a very important purchase so do a little research and it will go a long way in helping you in making the right decision.

PS. If you need plans you may find them on the internet as a good place to get the plans but make sure they come with a list of materials, a cut lists and drawings to show you how to build the shed.  If you need plans here is an excellent place to find them, I highly recommend them for their plans are complete plans at https://bit.ly/videotedswoodworking


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