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a flat income tax or a progressive income tax?

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In my opinion, I think that we should NOT have neither a flat income tax or progressive income tax! So why not have a system that already has a tax on the items built into it, so that when you buy every day items or sometimes like when you buy household furniture, etc? Do you want that new car, or maybe whatever? If we had such a taxing system, then it would not matter if you were rich or middle-class right, for if you buy it then you pay the tax right then and there, no worries about saving receipts. I do believe that this is possibly the best way, why, for you only pay the tax once when you buy the product. If you want a new BMW then you pay the tax when you take possession of it and forget about paying any income taxes latter. What if you needed a new suit or dress when you buy it then you simply pay the tax on it then and yes forget about it… Oh I do not go along with if they say they want $10 dollars for something then I expect to pay $10 dollars not the $10 dollars plus 8% then that makes me paying $10.80, so when the merchants have included the taxes in the product like say $10 dollars then by gally pay $10 dollars for it and not a penny more. I believe the government coffers would be so full that there would be no need for an income tax every year too. Just think the politicians living with what they get from the taxes that are paid in by us the people to the merchants. We need to stop this merry-go-round of tax and spend altogether, right? Now, would you like to know a secret? This is exactly what the Chinese do. They do not worry about filing any income tax statements at all. When they earn money they have already paid their taxes to the merchant when they buy something. So there is no need for income taxes to be accounted for by April the 15th! So let me ask you a question , Whould you rather have something like this in the USA? Or maybe a version of this? Gil Gray HD

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Who like this? Figuring out how much more to pay on your Income Taxes?

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